How does consistent product quality affect the guest experience?


How does consistent product quality affect the guest experience?

A chef plating up a dish

It's not enough to know that the products you deliver to guests are high quality. The guest experience depends on the fact that you can consistently ensure that every product, be it a cocktail, a meal or even a hotel bedroom, hits or exceeds the exacting standards set out by your business.

Consistent product quality is important because it sets your business apart from others. If your guests are choosing to visit you because of your reputation for serving the best lattes in town, or the most creative cocktails, it's because they are convinced of your consistency - they know the product offering and quality will be what they expect, each and every time. Product consistency is great for business as it ensures guest loyalty. Our research has revealed that approximately one-third of guests would choose a familiar, dependable venue for their Christmas meal, rather than trying somewhere new. This demonstrates that when it comes to a special occasion, where people are rather more willing to to splash out and treat themselves, they choose a venue they know will deliver a quality product, rather than take the risk of trying elsewhere and potentially being disappointed. However, if you work on ensuring consistent product quality, this will boost the reputation of your business, thereby lowering the risk factor in the minds of potential guests. Our research found that one-third of guests would visit a hotel they were not staying at if they perceived the menu to be high quality. If guest satisfaction is up, you can expect excellent reviews and recommendations; this can attract more people to pay you a visit. If the quality of your product is excellent, you can expect to win the loyalty of your guests and boost positive word of mouth about your business. Of course, understanding your guests thoroughly is the best way to pitch your products in just the right way - with our mystery visits, online feedback sites and valuable data analyses, we can help you do just that and improve the quality of your guest experience to keep them coming back for more.

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