How hotel tech can boost upselling


How hotel tech can boost upselling

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The world around us is embracing technology at a steadily increasing pace, and the hospitality industry is no exception. In fact, a survey conducted by mobile ordering company provider Wi-Q and The Caterer revealed that 92% of hotels see mobile tech playing a role in their business in the future. Top of the priority list amongst these hoteliers were using tech to provide multi-language options, allergy-specific menus and upselling capabilities.

At present, we've watched mobile ordering solutions gain traction within the industry, from streamlining check-in to smoothing out table reservations. Whilst they may not be commonplace in hotels quite yet, the benefit of helping hoteliers gain a greater understanding of the needs and desires of their guests in order to work out when and how to upsell, mean we can only see these solutions becoming more popular in the future.

When it comes to upselling, guests are looking for solutions that are quick and easy to implement. If it can be used to order room service, for example, offering both easy ordering and payment facilities, guests are likely to use it to order more and more often. The success of home delivery sites such as Deliveroo have taught us that much. However, when it comes to hotels, whilst tech can be used to smooth out human error and provide flexible, easy transactions for a guest, it is imperative not to lose that personal touch that can often make all the difference to the guest experience.

In fact, when it comes to upselling effectively with tech, personalisation is the key and this looks set to intensify in the future. Research from Grant Thornton revealed 90% of hoteliers say guests will expect stays to be personalised by 2020. Avvio's booking technology can accumulate data from visitors to the site so that when they return, it can offer personalised reminders, searches and upsell options to incentivise a purchase.

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