How much is slow service costing you?


How much is slow service costing you?

How much is slow service costing you?

It's probably more than you think.

Research from QikServe has revealed that when guests leave a restaurant, café, or bar without paying, over half the time it's due to a lack of available staff.

12% of guests admit to having "dined and dashed". Those that do are prompted by what they perceive as substandard service - either staff taking too long, or not being around when it's time to pay. Other reasons for skipping out on the bill, such as terrible food, limited payment options, and being in a rush, were much less frequent.

It's not only business owners who are out of pocket when guests get tired of waiting; the 90% of people who confess to leaving without leaving a tip suggests that it causes problems for front of house staff members too. "Being ignored when trying to pay" was the second most popular reason given by guests who leave without tipping.

Fortunately for hospitality operators, faster and faster payment methods are being introduced to the market, giving guests' fewer excuses to skip the bill. In just the last year alone, contactless card payments have risen by 33%, and options like Apple Pay are becoming more widely available. Apps like QKR don't require staff for the payment portion of the guest experience at all, enabling guests to leave at a pace that suits them.

But even the quickest payment methods don't make up for attentive staff. If your guests are contemplating dining and dashing, friendly and available staff on hand to guide them through the process is the easiest way to ensure that slow service doesn't cost you or your team.

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