How to encourage your team to own your venue appearance


How to encourage your team to own your venue appearance

Team members working in a restaurant

You may be satisfied that your team understands the high standards of appearance expected by guests, but are they taking personal ownership of bringing this vision to life?

Showcasing your venue in its best possible light to guests needs a cohesive team effort. Here are a few top tips to get staff taking ownership of venue appearance:

1. Walk in a guest's shoes

Encourage team members to put themselves in the shoes of a guest from the minute they arrive at work. This is the only way you can identify tiny details that might not be right. Suggest they walk the route they would take as they enter the building, looking around with a critical eye, and move around the venue during busy periods, looking at the facilities from the guest's perspective.

2. Show staff they are valued

Ensure your training helps staff see the importance of their individual role in the overall success of the business or you'll struggle to make them care in the same way you do. Just like the NASA janitor who reportedly told President Kennedy that his job was to help put a man on the moon, all members of staff need to understand that nobody plays second fiddle in your organisation – every role matters.

3. Build in daily reminders

The pre-shift briefing is a great time to remind staff of the standards expected for the shift ahead. Ensure that every team member understands that if they see something out of place that affects the appearance of the venue, they should make it their personal responsibility to clear it up.

4. Make it OK to ask for help

Develop a culture of support and make sure that people understand it's OK to ask for help and they are expected to lend assistance to each other. If staff feel they are supported by each other (and you too), they will be able to work together more effectively to provide guests with a great experience.

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