How to make the most of your pre-shift meeting


How to make the most of your pre-shift meeting

A group of waiting staff having a team briefing

The pre-shift meeting is a tried and tested method of communicating important news to your team and outlining expectations for the shift ahead. Yet some operators overlook the pre-shift huddle and miss the opportunity to engage their staff from the off.

Considering the fact that a third of hospitality workers cite 'feeling valued' as their top priority in a job, your pre-shift meeting should aim to boost motivation in a short window of time. As well reviewing menu changes, look at focusing on achievable targets for the shift and praising great work. Taking the opportunity to motivate staff should see an increase in productivity too.

Energise your team by keeping the interaction short and sweet – five minutes is enough. Put together a snappy agenda for each meeting and make an effort to put some passion into the presentation.

It's also a good idea to ensure you don't do all the talking. Encourage your team to make suggestions, ask questions or even lead a section themselves. Not only could you hear some brilliant ideas but your staff will feel included and valued.

Finally, ensure you involve the whole team from front-of-house to the kitchen staff. Whether you choose to hold a few mini pre-shift meetings for each department or bring everyone together at once, make the pre-shift meeting an inclusive experience that motivates staff to think and work as an united team

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