How your team can deliver quality products every time


How your team can deliver quality products every time

A waiter serving two plates of food to guests

You might think it goes without saying that your team should aim to deliver a top quality product on every occasion, but without a strategy that ensures all members of staff are on the same page, this could prove more challenging than it might appear.

Product quality means that every product you sell to your guests - be it a room, a drink or a meal - adheres to the standards set by your business. In order to boost guest loyalty and ensure a top guest experience, you want your products to be the best they can be. But 'best' can be subjective and what you might have in mind, may not match up with the standards delivered. Here are a few top tips to ensure your team delivers quality products every time:

1. Understand your guests

By understanding what your guests truly want, you can set your standards to exceed their expectations. Be sure to write these standards into a specification to avoid any confusion or inconsistencies amongst your team. Collecting feedback from guests provides valuable insight into what they are looking for and what might secure their loyalty.

2. Regular briefings

Keep your team well briefed on the expectations and official specification - regular briefings will ensure new members of staff are kept up to speed and that, if any changes or issues occur, they can be noted or ironed out as soon as possible.

3. Don't forget the checkback

The checkback is a great way to monitor guest satisfaction with regards to product quality, and provides your team with the opportunity to rectify any issues before they can turn the experience sour. Ensure staff are well-trained and understand how to make a checkback as genuine as possible, so that guests will feel they can be honest if they are unhappy.

4. Work together

Ensuring product quality is the responsibility of every member of the team. If waiting staff spy a dish that doesn't look like it's supposed to, encourage them to have the confidence to say something to the back-of-house team to get it changed.

Only by working together and each member of staff taking an active role and interest in product quality can you ensure consistent excellence.

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