Are your teams on track to deliver excellence?

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Are your teams on track to deliver excellence?

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A familiar scenario?

After a long and difficult period, things are finally moving along in the recruitment department, and now suddenly you’ve found that sites are struggling to keep up with training as team numbers swell, and standards have started to drop. You’re concerned because Christmas is just around the corner, and you really can’t afford to disappoint customers at such a critical time.

This, along with ensuring that things go smoothly with new site openings, is currently one of the top reasons why hospitality businesses are approaching HGEM for Mystery Guest Audits.

There are, in fact, many practical applications to an Audit programme. Did you know all of these?

  • Track and improve service standards and consistency across the estate
  • Have visibility on what’s happening in your sites, without having to physically be present (because you can’t be everywhere at the same time, as brilliant as that would be)
  • Pinpoint what’s driving negative reviews
  • Identify gaps in training, especially useful during seasonal peaks with many new team members coming on board
  • Audit reports can be used as a training tool for staff
  • Ensure new site openings go smoothly
  • Motivate teams through reward and recognition
  • Boost sales by tracking and improving on team upselling behaviours
  • Measure things you can't capture through feedback or reviews (sensitive areas such as processes for allergen enquiries, marketing promotions being up to date, check-backs, etc.)
  • Audit deliveries / online orders and assess your 3rd party delivery partners

Invaluable strategic resource

The granular data that operations teams can get access to through the audit reports has become an invaluable strategic resource to many of our clients. Star Pubs & Bars, for example, love the way they can "draw macro level conclusions about areas of support we need to focus on in order to drive positive change", whereas Farmer J were thrilled to share: "Our Average Transaction Value is up 3% due to the team upselling since implementing our Mystery Audit programme."

Read more wonderful testimonials from our clients here.

It’s our mission to empower hospitality businesses through insights, and we would be delighted to help you get your teams on track for Christmas, or support you with any other operational challenges you may be struggling with.

You can find out more about Mystery Guest Audits or why not have a chat with our friendly team?

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