Pub food - the latest concepts changing the traditional pub menu


Pub food - the latest concepts changing the traditional pub menu


These days, pubs have a lot more to offer punters than a pint and a packet of crisps. In fact, our own research has revealed that 38% of guests cite their main reason for visiting a pub in the last 12 months as an occasion for a meal and a drink, compared to the 19% who visited solely for a beverage.

We also found that 41% of guests believe a better selection of food in pubs would make them more inclined to visit more regularly. So, it’s no surprise that savvy operators are choosing to embrace creative concepts, from Michelin-star cooking to vegan pizza pop-ups. Here are a few of the latest ideas changing the traditional pub menu…

Street food attractions

Street food has gathered momentum in recent years and is now making its mark on the pub menu. Whether this involves a pop-up kitchen or a resident food van, the key to winning over guests is ensuring quality remains at the forefront of the offering. Our research revealed that 67% of guests believe it is very important or quite important to know the origins of the ingredients in their food, so if your suppliers are local or products are sustainably sourced, be sure to shout about it.

Vegan treats

Veganuary 2018 broke records with 168,542 people signing up to go vegan for a month. Pubs that recognise the popularity of plant-based food could well cash in on the movement. People are beginning to recognise that vegan food doesn’t equate to a limp salad - interesting dishes such as Mexican ‘tofish’ tacos or vegan raw-dough pizzas are proving winners, even amongst guests who eat meat most of the week. Food with strong flavours and spices are often instrumental in tempting omnivorous guests to try something new.

Sides take centre-stage

Our survey found that 23% of guests mainly visited pubs to socialise with friends, so a strong offering of shareable sides on the menu could be just what customers are looking for. Revamp your snacks and small plates to ensure they are tempting enough to be served as a stand-alone dish - topped fries or a selection of sweet treats, complete with dipping chocolate, are always a good idea.

Gourmet grub

Finally, there’s no need to completely ditch the traditional pub grub from the menu. Just give it a makeover for more of a premium feel. Burgers are still big business, as is the Sunday roast. Simply consider how you can go that little bit further for guests, to ensure the experience surpasses their expectations, each and every time.

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