Restaurants are influencing Gen Z’s shopping habits


Restaurants are influencing Gen Z’s shopping habits

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Restaurant operators are influencing where young guests shop, finds Savills.

When asked to rate the factors that influence where they choose to shop, both Millennials and Gen Z rated “choice of restaurants” more highly than older guests did. The younger guests were also more likely to eat out while shopping; 17.8% of Gen Z reported doing so on a weekly basis.

The generational divide may be due to how they perceive restaurant quality. Last year, our research revealed that while guests of all ages believe the quality of restaurants in retail centres has improved over the last few years, Gen Z were the most convinced- with 89% agreeing.

With footfall so strongly influenced by restaurant offering, it's up to the operators to set themselves aside from their competitors and ensure they're appealing to the younger guests already intending to eat. Here are our top tips:

1. Greet guests quickly

Our recent research revealed that a third of younger guests found 'not being greeted promptly' made them feel least welcome.

2. Judge the pace of service

26% of guests cited “pace of service” as an area that needed improvement in retail centre restaurants.

3. Shout about health

47% of millennials say they've changed their diet for the better over the last year. Fresh and healthy foods dominate social media and drive their enthusiasm to eat better.

4. Showcase your staff

Research into Gen Z has found that the perceived level of staff training and skill has a significant impact on where they choose to eat and drink.

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