Team behaviour: what your guests are looking for


Team behaviour: what your guests are looking for

Guests chatting on restaurant tables

Delivering an excellent guest experience depends on understanding what your guests want. Our recent survey focused on the casual dining market, revealing the behaviours that guests want to see more of as well as those they think your teams are already doing right.

Top 3 improvements your guests are looking for:

• More sincere check backs; 77% of respondents are keen to see an improvement on this. Team members could personalise the check back to the food ordered or even just stop at the table a moment longer.

• A pace of service that suits their needs. The 85% who believed this only occurred 'half the time' or 'infrequently' wanted to see team members making an effort to adapt the pace more often.

• Staff going above and beyond the requirements of their role. 84% of guests want to see staff going that extra mile more frequently.

Top 3 behaviours that guests think you're getting right:

• Making conversation beyond what is necessary- 54% of guests agree that no changes need to be made here. Suggesting that team members might already be creating engaging conversations outside of their steps of service.

• Staff recommending options or providing menu advice. Whilst the majority of guests felt that these were offered infrequently, 44% indicated they were fine with the status quo.

• Staff offering a genuine goodbye; 71% of respondents felt happy with current team behaviour.

When it came to the sector that guests believed delivered the warmest and friendliest service, respondents in London chose hotels, followed by casual dining, with pubs and bars in third place. In the rest of the UK, however, casual dining trumped hotels.

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