Team Dynamic & Guest Experience


Team Dynamic & Guest Experience

Bar staff working behind the bar

Any hospitality operator would agree that creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is a top priority when perfecting the guest experience. To achieve this convincingly, a sense of camaraderie and authentic team spirit needs to be in place. But achieving that sought-after dream team dynamic isn't easy.

Thankfully, the industry has changed since the days of the stereotypical bullying chef, reducing the kitchen staff to tears every night. Nowadays, the most successful hospitality businesses run like a well-oiled machine with front-of-house and kitchen teams operating as a whole, avoiding the 'us and them' mentality that can easily develop.

Managers should prioritise daily briefings to ensure the team are consistently informed of what might be happening behind the scenes of the business and that all members of staff are on the same page. Open the lines of communication by listening to staff and encouraging suggestions, ideas and questions. Tactful, constructive feedback helps avoid a culture of blame; confident members of staff who feel supported by management are most likely to reassure guests and provide a comfortable guest experience.

Of course, recruitment is also of key importance when building a team that works well together. However, one of the greatest challenges in the business is finding skilled staff and retaining quality people. Focus on creating a culture that's inclusive, supportive and collaborative – make your business a tough one for staff to walk away from. Additionally, offering clear career pathways for staff or, for smaller businesses, setting objectives for development and skills progression will provide employees with goals to strive for and ensure they take their positions seriously.

Ultimately, for the best possible chance of success, operators should focus on creating an environment that's just as good to work in as it is to visit.

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