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Operations and HR Director Lisa Chambers explores the ways in which operators can ensure a streamlined service.

Helping your staff to speed up service

Speed is a crucial factor in food service; it keeps guests happy and maximises business efficiency. As a restaurant owner or manager, it's your duty to provide staff with the tools they need to deliver a speedy yet quality service to diners. If you're looking to ramp-up your table turnaround time, here are some tips:


First things first: have you provided your staff with enough training to enable them to provide an efficient service? Have they learned the menu, and are they fully aware of all service processes, standards and expectations?

Training shouldn't just be something you carry out when a new person joins the team. Continuous training can be provided to all staff so they are kept up-to-date with any business developments, enabling them to provide guests with the best possible service.


Technology can really help to streamline your business and speed up service. First and foremost, your POS system can be integrated with a kitchen display unit, so chefs receive food orders the moment they are placed.

Other tools you may consider using include table management software, which will make it easier for staff to manage their covers; portable POS systems, so staff can process orders at the table; and mobile payment technology, to speed up customer transactions.

Pre-shift preparation and checks

Staff are often slowed down by having to source or top-up on basic inventory items. The end of each shift can be a chance for staff to prepare for the shift ahead - tables can be set, condiments can be re-filled, the bar can be re-stocked, etc. Before each shift, you could carry out a quick spot-check to ensure that everything is in place before the doors open.

Pre-shift meeting

Making sure your staff have what they need is one thing, but do they know all they need to know for the shift ahead? Things they need to know may include your daily specials, the soup of the day, dishes to upsell, or dishes with limited availability. If they know all of this information before they start, they won't need to waste time finding you or going to the kitchen every time a diner has a question.

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