What makes an excellent welcome

What makes an excellent welcome

What makes an excellent welcome

They say that first impressions count, a phrase that's particularly significant when a positive or negative guest experience can spread like wildfire at the click of a button. With 69% of all consumers searching the internet for online reviews before booking a restaurant or hotel, it has become more important than ever for hospitality operators to properly manage the guest experience - and it all starts at hello.

A good welcome is something that goes beyond words. No matter what kind of venue you're welcoming your guests to, you'll want to make them feel comfortable and to reassure them that they made the right choice in choosing you. Here are a few of our top tips to provide an excellent welcome:

Provide a warm greeting

Whether you greet your guests at a desk, at the door or at their table, a warm greeting sets the tone. Direct eye contact, a smile, a greeting and gently directing the situation will generate a positive emotional response and create a feeling of familiarity and comfort, allowing guests to feel relaxed and at home.

Read your guests

Pauline McMinn, guest relations manager at The Savoy and winner of the title 'Best Receptionist in the World' told TheCaterer.com last year, "People notice quickly when you are not giving them your full attention. It's about greeting them by name, adapting to their mood and really taking an interest." Pay attention to your guest's tone and body language so that you can adapt your approach accordingly.

Engage your guests

The way your staff engage your guests can make your establishment stand out over the competition. Staff engagement is the key interaction your guests will have with your company during their stay. Ensuring your front-of-house staff are well-trained and employing tactics such as role-playing will help bring about consistency and develop staff confidence, helping them to engage appropriately with guests in a range of situations.

It's the little things

Offering to help with luggage, holding a door open and wishing guests a pleasant meal or stay might seem like small gestures, but it's the little things that go a long way when guests are forming their first impressions. It's all about putting yourself in the shoes of your guests and picking up on those key details that can make all the difference.

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