Where do guests look for recommendations?


Where do guests look for recommendations?

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The power that a word-of-mouth recommendation wields is undeniable in the hospitality industry. But with the rise of digital review sites and the popularity of social media, more guests than ever are taking to the keyboard to share their hospitality experiences.

In fact, Brits are more likely than ever before to read and leave feedback after visiting a bar, hotel or restaurant, with three in five claiming that reading reviews plays a pivotal role in helping them choose where to stay, eat or drink. Barclays Feedback Economy Report, published last year, concluded that positive feedback, as well as appropriately managing negativity, is the key to success in the competitive hospitality market.

Small and medium enterprises are more likely than larger businesses to see the benefits of customer feedback, according to the report, including an increase in footfall and more repeat business. So, it's essential to not only create an experience that delivers even more than it promises, but to encourage guests to shout positively about your business.

At HGEM, we blend data from different sources – including detailed mystery visit assessments and guest feedback sites – to give clients a balanced picture of their performance and provide actionable insight to help them make improvements.

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