Why the human touch matters


Why the human touch matters

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Whilst we certainly expect technology to continue to make its mark on the hospitality industry over the coming years, there will always be a place for the human touch when it comes to delivering a guest experience that sets your business apart from your peers.

An enthusiastic, knowledgeable team that demonstrates passion for the products and services on offer will do more than simply meet a guest's needs in the way that technology can easily and quickly address and fulfil a requirement. The right team can take the guest experience to the next level by monitoring the behaviour of the guest, anticipating their desires and tailoring its approach to deliver a personalised guest experience.

Passion is something that a machine can't convey. This is why, when training your front-of-house team, it may be useful to ensure they have a few stock phrases and conversation topics in their knowledge arsenal - but that you ensure they are aware not to come off as scripted or robotic.

For example, when it comes to making personal recommendations - something we have found guests greatly respond to and enjoy - a passionate and enthusiastic team member will consider the menu choices the guest is deliberating over before offering a recommendation for a side dish or wine to accompany. Or asking questions regarding a guest's preference for flavours before recommending a cocktail. A one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work when offering the human touch to guests, so it's important to ensure training covers all aspects of your offering. This allows employees to offer information and recommendations to suit a variety of different tastes and ensures that they will not be caught off-guard when questioned by a guest.

However, it's also important for your team to be aware that it's perfectly acceptable to not know the answer to every question about a product. Our research has found that authenticity and honesty is greatly appreciated by guests - it is better for employees to admit they are not sure of something and have it checked out quickly and efficiently rather than try to bluff their way through.

Automation will continue to enhance and improve the guest experience, however it will not entirely replace the human touch. It is only by analysing and reacting to your guests' behaviour that you can carry out your business's most basic function - to provide an excellent experience.

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