World Cup 2018 - how to keep your team motivated


World Cup 2018 - how to keep your team motivated

world cup 2018

The World Cup has kicked off for 2018, but the teams representing their countries out on the pitch are not the only ones that need to be kept motivated. Our recent survey revealed that 52% of guests rate the atmosphere of a venue as the main driver for watching the World Cup in a pub rather than at home. While decor, furniture arrangement and lighting all play their part in creating the right ambience, staff are the heart and soul of an organisation - they set the true vibe of a venue, so it’s a priority to keep team spirit high.

Communication and participation

First and foremost, management must maintain excellent communication with their team, clueing them in on match days - who’s playing and any themed promotions planned - so they are fully prepared for what lies ahead. But operators should go one step further and consider how they can boost participation and enthusiasm amongst staff to create that infectious atmosphere guests find hard to resist.

Our Operations and HR Director, Lisa Chambers, suggests operators enhance guest participation with incentives, such as food vouchers or free drinks for the guest who guesses the correct number of minutes of extra time or first goal scored.

“This isn’t to say, however, your employees should be forgotten,” she stressed. “I’ve seen a popular food-led pub split the staff on shift into two groups during a game, representing the competing football teams. The side that won the match was awarded a bonus - this certainly encouraged staff participation and livened up the atmosphere!”

Manage the crowd

It’s also essential for operators to be prepared for the potential rise in footfall during games by ensuring there are enough members of staff on shift - as many as is usual for a busy Saturday lunch service. This is key as you don’t want to keep guests waiting; it also means your team won’t be stressed and stretched too thin. In addition, it’s important to check you’ve ordered in enough food and drink to avoid any shortages, so your team don’t have to reel off a list of products to guests that have sold out in the rush.

“Additionally, it’s a good move to give staff the opportunity to move out from behind the bar to take drinks orders, offer more food and deliver to tables during a game,” Lisa continues. “Along with mobile payment facilities and running tabs, this should help avoid the crush at halftime and keep your team’s blood pressure down.”

While the focus in hospitality is always on the guest experience, keeping employees motivated and happy at work, directly influences the level of service and patience they deliver to customers. The organisations that prioritise their team’s well-being at busy times may not win a trophy, but they can guarantee there’ll still be smiles all round - from both their staff and their guests.

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