Discover the many features of our Guest Feedback Sites

Discover the many features of our Guest Feedback Sites

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Features that enhance the user experience

Our surveys are designed to feel like an organic extension of your brand, and come with smart, dynamic features that allow you to tailor the journey and enhance the user experience. When integrated with a CRM system, the data we capture can add richness to what you know about guests, and help you design effective marketing campaigns to drive up sales. It's a really good way to track your Net Promoter Score (NPS), be alerted to things that might require attention, and influence word-of-mouth recommendations.

Check out our market-leading features:

1. CUSTOM BRANDING: We can create a beautifully branded site that matches the look and feel of your website. This includes colours, fonts, buttons, images, and even language that will adhere to your brand guidelines.

2. RESPONSIVE LAYOUT: Your Feedback Site will adapt to phone, tablet and desktop screen sizes so no matter how you promote your site, guests will have a great user experience.

3. MINIMAL CONNECTION: An internet connection is only required at the start of the survey and when submitting final results, so if your guest takes a while to complete their survey, the connection won’t drop out.

4. BRANCHING QUESTIONS: If you’re wanting to capture data based on different types of guests and their experiences, the questions you ask can be based on the answer to a previous question. For example, depending on whether a guest ate at breakfast or dinner-time, the customer would be asked different questions.

5. MULTIPLE EXIT POINTS: Exit points can be added to support different branching questions and to cater for guests with shorter attention spans. By allowing customers to leave as little or much feedback as they like, you can ensure higher completion rates.

6. PHOTO CAPTURE: Photos can be captured by the guest in the the Feedback Site and viewed in The Hub, our Guest Experience Management platform.


7. LANGUAGE SELECTOR: If you have sites in multiple countries, guests can select their preferred language, meaning the same survey can be used in each country.

8. PRE-POPULATED QUESTIONS: If the answer to any question is already known, such as visit time, restaurant location and order ID, this information can be passed across in the survey link, so that it pre-populates the answer. This makes the experience more personalised for the customer and it saves them time, which in turn, boosts completion rates.

9. MICRO SURVEYS: We can capture the answer to one survey question by embedding it in an email. If the guest chooses not to answer any further questions, the data from the one question will still be saved.

10. AT-TABLE FEEDBACK: Your Feedback Site can be configured to display as an app on a tablet and to automatically refresh after each guest has provided their feedback, ready for the next guest.

11. SOCIAL ADVOCACY: At the end of your survey we can add links to your social media pages – we can do this for all locations or for specific locations only. These links will only be made visible when the guest has had a good experience so that we aren’t encouraging negative reviews. On the contrary, by encouraging happy customers to leave reviews, your review scores may see a boost.

12. CAPTURE CONSENT: We can capture guests’ consent, allowing you to contact them for any of the following: marketing emails to help you build your database, prize draw entry to incentivise feedback, or for contact following feedback, which allows you to engage with the guest and resolve any issues before they could be shared publicly.

13. PRIZE DRAW ADMIN: If you promote a prize draw to encourage guest feedback, we can select a guest as the winner on your behalf.

14. VOUCHERS: You may want to use vouchers to incentivise survey completion and to encourage repeat visits. We can manage these on your behalf by uploading your voucher codes into our system, which will then automatically send them to your guests once they leave their email address on a survey. Alternatively, we can integrate with one of our partners, Toggle, which will allow you to issue vouchers to guests when responding to them via The Hub.

Next steps

Now that you've got a good understanding of the benefits of a Feedback site, and what kind of features to look out for, we’d like to show you an example of how a client of ours used their Feedback Site to drive positive change within the business. Have a look at our Pizza Express case study to discover the Guest Experience Management challenges the business was facing before working with us and the results they had just 6 months after implementing our solutions.

You can also find out more information about our Feedback Sites or why not book a demo with our friendly team?

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