Ensure your brand promise is delivered, even off-premises

Companies are missing out on up to 8% of revenue from orders that fail at either order placement or delivery stage

Deliveries have become a bigger revenue stream for brands and, more importantly, customers expect the same level of attention and care at every touchpoint, even remote. Furthermore, companies are putting their brand's reputation into the hands of others when working with 3rd party delivery services, therefore it's important to have monitoring in place, to ensure the brand promise is delivered every time.

So how can we help?


Our Mystery Guest Audits allow operators to gain a 360° view into an area that's extremely difficult to oversee, due to the remote nature of the experience. Monitor the customer journey from order-placing to delivery, identify operational issues and improve consistency.


Ensure dishes are presented to the customer in the exact same way as they left the kitchen. Our mystery guests can gather relevant photographic evidence to show how the meal was presented on receipt.


We can provide fully branded survey sites that make it easy for guests or employees to share valuable feedback about their experience.


Food quality is a key deciding factor for consumers, when it comes to choosing their next delivery. It is, therefore, useful to know what your most / least popular dishes are, and to be able to measure the performance of each dish against common indicators, such as value for money, taste, temperature, portion size and presentation, which you can do with our Product Ratings.


Make use of our integration with Deliveroo to display app ratings and comments in our Guest Experience Management platform - The Hub - alongside your operational audits. Due to the complexity of the integration, for the moment, this is only available to large multinational companies.

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