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veggie burger

Where do you sit with the meat substitues debate?

It's World Vegan Month so we wanted to bring to light the debate on the naming of meat substitues!

Are you maximising on opportunities for themed events?

Are you maximising on opportunities for themed events?

With operators' current focus on Christmas, we take a look at how businesses can make the most of themed events throughout the year.


Autumn wine experiences

Vineyards are diversifying their offering, providing unique dining experiences and piscturesque stays.

zero waste restaurant

Zero waste restaurants

The majority of guests believe that restaurants should take responsibiltity when it comes to climate change.

organic september

Organic September

We are celebrating Organic September - will you go organic this month?

The shops urging you to recycle less

The shops urging you to recycle less

Forget recycling, it's all about zero waste - we explore the latest concept in combating climate change.

honest burgers

National Burger Day

In celebration of National Burger Day, we catch up with our client Honest Burgers.

sound of the sea dish

What is sonic seasoning?

Would you invest in sonic seasoning? It turns out that the music you play in your restaurant could be influencing the flavour of your dishes.

costa coffee


We discuss the importance of community in today's tech fuelled world and the positive impact operators can have on loneliness.

Jeffersons ice cream

National Ice Cream month

We catch up with our client Jefferson's Ice Cream in celebration of National Ice Cream month.


Should restaurants charge for extras?

Are restaurants right to protect their pockets from greedy guests or are they the greedy ones?

cat cafe

Cat Cafe's

Do cat cafe's provide the purrfect dinner guest?

Wellness restaurants

Wellness restaurants

Mind - body - soul. The wellness restaurants catering to more than tummy's.

summer wine

2019 Summer Wine

Our avid wine lover and studier, HGEM's Josie, shares her insight on Summer wines.

Hands free dining

Hands free dining

We explore the latest dining concept 'hands off' which sees food served directly to diners mouths.

world environment day

World Environment Day

We explore what the hospitality industry can do to support World Environment Day this year.

No football, no worries: How pubs can enjoy a super summer

No football, no worries: How pubs can enjoy a super summer

Pub promotions - setting yourself up for a successful summer.

festival food

Festival food

We chat to the HGEM team to explore the food options that festival goers face as we look ahead to festival season.


What drives diners decisions

We look at how diners make decisions before and during their dining experiences, with results from our latest survey.

National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week

We catch up with some HGEM veggies to find out why cutting the meat is so important to them and get their recipe recommendations in celebration of National Vegetarian Week.

homemade meal

Hospitality at home

We explore ways in which guests are creating their own hospitality at home.