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Getting guests through the door this year

We explore how to attract guests in today's market.

video learning

The guest experience starts with training your team

With the launch of our e-learning modules, we discuss the importance of training your team when it comes to delivering a great guest experience.

social media apps

If it didn't happen on social media, did it even happen?

Is your venue worthy of Millennials time and money? If your offering isn't instagramable, chances are it's not.

Hotel room

Impact of compact hotel rooms

With the launch of compact hotel rooms, the hotel sector is experiencing an exciting shift but what is the impact on the industry?

vegan food

Veganuary: trend or movement

Restaurant chains are stepping up this Veganuary after responding to growing demand from vegans. We take a look at the latest vegan foods hitting the high-street with feedback from the team.


Dry January - a new opportunity for pubs?

Embrace Dry January and you could see permanent custom from the increasing number of non-drinkers throughout the rest of the year.

HGEM charity roundup

HGEM charity roundup

We look back at our fundraisers and the charities we have supported over 2018.

gourmet burgers

What we loved and loathed in 2018

We reveal the food trends we loved and loathed this year.


Rewarding designated drivers

Our client Greene King has launched a fantastic initiative rewarding designated drivers this Christmas.

christmas table

All I want for Christmas is an experience

What can hotel operators do to provide guests with an unforgettable experience this Christmas?

card payment

Is the industry set to trash the cash?

With cash no longer king we explore the benefits of ditching cash altogether and the impact this will have on the hospitality industry.

free from

Allergy friendly or annoying?

Is the guest experience lost on guests with allergies?

Christmas dinner

Christmas dining trends

With some operators stepping away from Christmas traditions this year, what are they doing differently?

spa hotel

Wellness in hotels: Beyond B&B

With stressed out guests in need of more than bed and breakfast, we take a look at how hotels are catering to wellness - a trend set to stay.


Maximising opportunities for themed events

With the current focus on Christmas, we take a look at how businesses can make the most of other events throughout the year.

Cascara cafe

Pursuing your dream

We catch up with former HGEM member Sus, in the process of making her dream of opening her own cafe, a reality. 

menu and coffee

Will calorie counts on menus ruin enjoyment for guests?

Will guests change their dining habits once the calorie enforcement comes into play?

flexitarian description

The rise of the flexitarian

In celebration of Meat Free Week we look at what is influencing the growing trend of flexitarians.


The rise of the CVA

We look at the recent trend of CVA's hitting the casual dining sector and how restaurants are turning it around.

Crumbs Awards Finalists Reception

Crumbs Awards Finalists Reception

Our lowdown from the Crumbs Awards Finalists Reception.

hotel bed

​Hotel Inspector vs Mystery Guest

We explore the benefits of Mystery Visits to your hotel over an AA inspector.